About Us

Nexus Radio, formally Fusion Radio is a leading specialty internet broadcaster and portal re-defining the meaning of internet radio. Primary focused on dance and pop remixes music styles and operating a dedicated online television station focused on interviews and select music videos and remixes. The station was originally founded in 2003 and was relaunched as Nexus Radio on June 1, 2015.

Highlighted Milestones


Launched it’s online video channel, known today as Nexus TV


Launched ondemand our Comcast channel and celebrated it’s 7th Anniversary in a Special Roscoe’s event featuring 5 artist performances.


Awarded the Best Internet Station from Promo Only. The station conducts its first Pride tour visiting, New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Palm Springs.


Awarded the Best Internet Station from Promo Only


Nexus Radio hosted it’s first WMC event featuring 15 artist performances at Mova in Miami Beach.


On June 1, 2015- the station rebrands it’s self from its longstanding name to Nexus Radio. The station receives a IDMA Nomination for Best Station, Launches the Nexus Artist directory, containing more than 700 artists, videos, links and biographies and welcomes DaBuzz to Roscoe’s celebrating the station’s sixth anniversary working with the venue. The station visits Indianapolis, Chicago, New York, Columbus, Milwaukee and San Francisco during its Pride tour.


Nexus Radio announces the new slogan as DPM – Dance Pop Music and celebrates with it’s second Miami event.


Nexus Radio conduct’s its Third Annual Nexus Lounge Event from Miami recording over 40 interviews. Celebrating One Magical Weekend at Walt Disney World, Nexus conducts it’s first DJ contest awarding the winner a prized spot during the festival. The station also relaunches its Pride Tour conducting over 10 events featuring floats in New York & Chicago and festival stops in Columbus, Chicago, New York, San Diego, Atlanta, Orlando and Palm Springs.


Nexus Radio launches the nexus.radio domain and conducted it’s Fourth Annual Nexus Lounge event from Miami, expanding to two days and featuring over 60 interviews. Nexus also launched it’s Pride Tour, marking its first stop for Miami Pride.

Nexus Radio broadcasts from its dedicated studio downtown Chicago to the world.